About this blog

Most men competing in triathlons are driven, motivated, hard-charging guys. Unless they’re part of a very select group though, they also work regular jobs and have families to support and raise. I’m one of those guys. And it ain’t always easy!

I’ve been competing in triathlons of various distances since 2002. Our first child, Isabella Hope, was born in 2004 (just before tri season!). I decided then that my kids would ALWAYS come first, no matter what. Since then we’ve added twins to the mix; Max and Kate were born in 2008 (preemies!). My time became even more precious and limited. I stepped up to the 70.3 distance in 2010. Family, work, and training is a juggling act, but I’m determined to get it right.

This is my personal blog where I’ll tell you about my training, my family, and how I’m striving to be the best triathlete I can be..while being the father and husband God created me to be.

Thanks for reading!

Chad Nikazy