The reset button

I had a friend in elementary and middle school who drove me crazy with the reset button. It started with Nintendo and progressed with us to the Sega Genesis. Sports games were our thing; classics like “Double Dribble”, “Blades of Steel”, “Tecmo Bowl”, and eventually the line of EA Sports games. Occasionally I’d get a big lead in a game and BOOM!: he’d toss his controller and hit the reset button on the game console! Drove me nuts. I always thought he should have played for the glory of a “come back win”. It wasn’t his style though.

This week I hit the “reset button” on my training for Rev3 Knoxville Half Ironman on May 6. I was 5 weeks into my 20 week training plan, but it wasn’t going well. Last year my build up to Florida 70.3 in May was flawless. I managed my stress, didn’t get sick, and the kids were actually all sleeping. My body responded. I lost weight, got faster, and gained confidence each week. So far this winter that hadn’t been the case. I’ve been sick frequently, distracted by upheaval at the office, and the kids have NOT been sleeping. It wasn’t going well.

Last Sunday I made the decision to start over. It was tough to scrap 5 weeks of training and chalk it up as “Prep” work, at best. That’s what I did though. I jumped all the way back to week one on my training plan and cut the plan to 15 weeks. It’ll be fine. I needed to start over and do it right. Focus, try to rest, and accept that 3 old twins don’t stay in their beds at night.

I’ve been back at it for a few days now. Tuesday I swam 1000 and spent 45 minutes on the spin bike. I hit some fast intervals on both. Yesterday I ran 4 miles on the treadmill and included some tempo efforts.

I didn’t want to get up this morning though. Max got in bed with us around 2:45am, so by 3:00am I was headed to his bed for the rest of night to leave him to sleep in my spot beside Karen. Musical beds, again. Baby Kate snores and groans in her sleep all night, so I laid in Max’s bed all night dreading my 5:15am alarm. I must have slept through my iphone alarm, but I glanced at my phone by 5:30 and got up. I felt hungover, as usual. I considered skipping the swim. I justified it in my head “dude, you gotta rest. Rest is the key. Your body is going to break down. You’re already battling a cold.” By the time I’d convinced myself to skip the swim I was already drinking my first cup of coffee from my Longhorn 70.3 mug and headed out the door to pool.

I swam 1000 yards again. 10 x 100 on 2:00 swimming each in under 1:20. I was glad I’d gotten up. When i got home at 6:45am Max was still in bed with Karen…and Kate was curled up next to Max. Twins! Luckily sweet Izzy was still snoozing in her bed.

Scheduled for 40 minutes on the bike today. We’ll see. Might get a massage instead.

Follow my training each day as I get ready for Rev3, manage work, and remain a dedicated father of 3 rowdy kids, husband, son, and friend. Lord help me. I’d love your encouragement in the “comments” occasionally.