Last minute hustle

the big dude getting charged up early in the day

More of the same last night. Max crept into our bedroom around around 4:00am, followed by Kate around 4:45am. Karen went first to Max’s bed and ultimately to the couch at some point. My alarm sounded at 5:15 for my swim. Mostly asleep I made the drive to the pool – sipping this morning from my Boulder 70.3 mug.

Although the kids stayed up until 9:30 last night I did get a good laugh out of Max’s “last minute hustle”. Me, Karen, and Kate were laying on our bed watching Team Umizoomi while Max ran the length of the house at full speed, back and forth, back and forth, for about 15 minutes. He’d slam himself into the bed with each lap, grab my sweatshirt and growl. He even bit me one time – which resulted in him temporarily being confined to a wrestling cradle. Every 15 seconds or so we’d hear “MAX!!! Get out of my ROOM!” coming from Izzy’s bedroom. Max responded each time with “Ok, dizzy, I won’t”. Apparently he was alternately terrorizing us and then Izzy.

Eventually, with his chubby cheeks flushed, he ran out of steam. He’d made the most of the last minute before bed time. Exhausted he laid down to sleep (until 4:00am anyway).

Make the most of every minute. Hustle! Collapse (unless it’s your taper week).

Truth is, I’m still struggling to find my groove. A lingering cold and lack of sleep are like a wet blanket. Plowing onward though being mindful of warning signs.

The Bottom Line:

Swam 1000 yards at 5:30am (50s, 100p, 100k, 500 moderate swim in 7:00 flat, 100k, 100p, 50s)

I ran 3.8 “moderate” miles during lunch and averaged 8:15 per mile.