“Feels like…”

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I finally got that bike ride done yesterday morning at sunrise. It was 24 degrees outside when I started, but I can’t stand riding my stationary trainer. I wondered what the “feels like” temperature was with an air temp of 24 and riding my bike at 20mph. It wasn’t pleasant, so I slowed down and just took it easy. I took two things from the ride:

  • the thought of riding the stationary trainer was more painful than riding outside in the cold. I hate pedaling and going nowhere. Life can be that way sometimes too. Your dad gets antsy sometimes and can’t sit still. That’s both good and bad. There’s a lot going on in Daddy’s life away from home these days and I’m trying to be still and listen for God.
  • Riding hard in that kind of cold hurt. The cold wind chapped my face and made my eyes water, so I slowed down. It got tough out there and it “felt like” I was going to quit. So I slowed down to lessen the pain. I’m not sure what to tell you about that. I could have ridden harder and endured the pain on one hand, or I could have just stopped and went home. I chose to just slow down. Sometimes you do what you have to do to survive.

I stopped and spent a few quiet minutes on top of Pulltight Hill just to think about our life. It was peaceful up there early in the morning. Just the sound of my breathing and the occasional rustle of blowing leaves.

the valley below Pulltight Hill

We had a fun day at home. Max, you played with my big drill again all day. Kate, you were so determined to watch the movie “Goonies” that I finally just gave in and let you watch it. I told you it would scare you! I’m not sure it did though. Izzy, you went to church with the Eichers Sunday morning and then back again that night for Bible drill. I’m so proud of you!

Nana and Papaw came to our house to visit after church. They brought each of you a big box of Sour Patch Kids, a bag of Cow Tails, and each of you a pack of gum. Kate, you ate everyone’s gum! Izzy, you actually got Papaw to play Donkey Kong country. He got a big kick out watching Diddy Kong ride around on Donkey Kong’s back.

While Izzy was a Bible Drill, Max and Kate, you two finally crashed. Or, Max you crashed, and Kate you cuddled up to your sleeping brother. Cute critters.

Today is my “rest day”, so no training on the agenda. I might do some Yoga later just for some peace of mind. It helps me relax when I have alot on my mind.

I love you kids.

– Daddy


Sunday – 25 mile bike ride

Monday – REST