Head and heart

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Yesterday was a long day for your dad. Life can be stressful sometimes and as human beings we get caught up in the current of that stress. It gives it momentum and before you know it you’re grasping for something to hold onto. I have that in you kids and mommy.

I looked in the mirror yesterday when i got home and realized I look much older than 37. A bad day will do that to you. Truth is, I probably just looked bad because I haven’t felt well lately, but in that moment, I was certain I’d aged beyond my years.

Izzy, mommy took you to a gymnastics team meeting last night. You’ll be on the competitive team now rather than the recreational program. You’re such a sweet girl. The thought of competition doesn’t excite you that much (even though you’re the best gymnast your age at the gym). You’re excited to get to go twice a week now though. Max, you ate 4 helpings of white beans and ham last night. I commented on twitter that the only thing you like more than John Deere and tools is beans. It’s true. Kate, you made me laugh when we were playing in your room before bed. Max was jumping on your bed and you said “Max, if you poop on my bed I’ll spank you!” Yuck.

For the first time in about two months I skipped my French lessons during the drive home and opted to listen to Jack Johnson instead. His music always helps me feel more positive. When you’re mommy was in the hospital with you, Max and Kate, I listened to him alot and watched his surf films. Yesterday it stuck with when I heard him say:

“you don’t always have to hold your head higher than your heart”

Most often in life you’ll end up using your head, but occasionally I want you kids to listen to your heart. Listening to your heart is never wrong (girls, this doesn’t apply to when you’re teenagers and think you’re in “love” / Max, your hearts not telling you to buy a monster truck).

I guess that applies to my racing and training too. It’s fun to take the watches and monitors off sometimes and just go for it.

Rest day yesterday so no training.

Love you kids.

– Daddy


Monday: REST

Today: Swam 1100 at 5:30am as (100s, 100p, 100k, 100p, 12 x 25 fast, 100k, 100p, 100IM, 100s)

Scheduled to run today, but I’m having lunch with a friend instead. I’ll make it up tonight or tomorrow.