The best thing I did today

Dear Izzy, Max and Kate,

I’ve taken the last couple of days off from work just relax and get my head screwed on right before I tackle some new projects and challenges at the office. The first day it was tough to “take it easy”, but today I think I succeeded, at least by tri-dad standards.

I started the day with a swim at 5:15 this morning. The main set was 3 x 200 at half ironman pace. I did each 200 in 2min 40seconds. Not bad for February.

When I got home Mommy motioned for me to be quite and come listen at your door, Max and Kate. You two were already awake and giggling at each other. Kate, you’d say “Maxxth, sing sunshine!” As usual, Max, you complied with Kate’s wishes. You’d start singing and she’d quickly interupt “No, Maxxth, don’t sing it”. After listening for a few minutes we tried to open your door. To our surpise (not really), you’d locked your door. Mommy picked the lock and found you, Kate, drinking Izzy’s melted icecream from last night. At some point you’d snuck out of your room, went to Izzy’s room and got her icecream cup, went back to your room, and locked your door. Little girl, you are sneaky! I’m watching you!

A couple hours later Mommy took you two little ones to the park. Izzy, I came to your school and ate lunch with you in the cafeteria. We sat together at the parents table. We had bbq sandwiches. I love watching the other kids flock around you. I know I tell you all the time, but you are special. Your kind and sweet nature seems to be earning you lots of friends. Having lunch with you today was the best thing I did all day!

After lunch I took advantage of it being sunny and 65 degrees in February. I rode my bike 35 miles from Thompson Station, out to Leipers Fork, and onto the Natchez Trace and back. I needed those 2 hours to think. Its amazing what a little warmth in the midst of winter can do for your soul.

Izzy, you had gymnastics tonight, so the 4 of us ate while you were at practice. A couple interesting dinner notes tonight. Max and Kate, you sang us a fine rendition of “God Our Father” before we ate. Max, you decided to morph tonights version into Jason Aldean’s “Big Green Tractor” (your favorite song). You changed the words ever so slightly though, “Ill take you for a ride on my big green pottie.” Over and over you sang it. Kate, you think your brother is hilarious. Max, you asked mommy very calmly “Mommy, why are you so angry?” Ha. I’ve started calling mommy “Costanza” after George Costanza on the show Seinfeld. Occasionally, she’ll suddenly shout “I’M GONNA LOSE IT!”. It’s pretty funny, although I’m afraid she means it. Y’all are a handful.

Izzy, when you got home at 7 Mommy fixed your dinner. Max and Kate, as usual you decided it was time to eat again and climbed up on Izzy’s chair with her. Screaming and shoving ensued. Izzy, right NOW you have locked yourself in the bathroom and are sitting on the toilet eating your dinner in peace.

ah, family life. Love y’all.

– Daddy


Swam 1100 yards at 5:15 am, including 3 x 200 repeats in 2:40

Biked 35 miles in 2:02