Chapters of Life

Dear Izzy, Max and Kate,

We’ve had a busy weekend, so it’s been a few days since I’ve written to you. Mommy and I pulled out some old pictures this weekend, because mommy is redecorating our foyer and stairs with family photos. It’s easy for mommy and I to forget sometimes about the life we lived before you kids came into our world. We were married for 5 years before you came along, Izzy. We were young when we married; I was 24 and mommy was 22. Someday I’ll tell you all the stories, but the short of it is that we visited lots of warm places and had lots of fun. Your mommy was the prettiest “sorority-drop out” on campus with her long blonde hair and black mustang when we met. I liked that rebellious streak that caused her to drop out of the red hair bow sorority scene. I remember looking at pictures of her in her apartment living room one night when she was finishing getting ready for our first date and thinking “what on earth am I doing here with this blonde? This girl is out of my league.” She was in the “pretty girl sorority” (before quitting) and was a cheerleader. I promise you when we arrived in Mexico on our honeymoon people stared at us, at mommy actually, because they thought she was someone famous. Looking at those old pictures reminded me of how lucky we were back then to have each other, and how lucky we are now in this new phase of life, however challenging it might be, to you have you kids. Life is told/lived in chapters and I wouldn’t trade that “just the two of us” chapter or our current “family life” chapter for anything. I can’t wait to find out what’s next.

Friday morning at 5:15am I got my last swim in for the week. I did 1400 total yards with a straight 700 yard swim as the mainset.

Friday night we went to the Summit High School basketball game. Izzy, you performed a cheerleading routine during halftime. You and your friends were so cute and had so much fun! It’s hard to imagine that you’ll be in high school before we know it (ok, 7 years…but that still feels like “soon” to me). I took some pictures and I’ll post those here tomorrow.

Rebecca and Izzy before cheering

Saturday morning I got up at 5:30am to check the weather. I just needed an hour on the bike because I did my long ride on Thursday this week. I had just enough time before some storms rolled in, so I did 15  moderate miles on my Kestrel time trial bike in 54 minutes. When I got home I made french toast for everyone. Max, you ate a ton!

Later in the afternoon I squeezed in a 4 mile run at just under 8:00 per mile pace. I guess I’d consider that a tempo run at this time of year.

Izzy, Saturday night you and I had our monthly daddy-daughter date night. You chose ribs at Mickey Roos and a to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. We had a lot of fun and talked about all kinds of things. You are so appreciative of special nights and that makes it easy to treat you to those. Its good for me to spoil you. One day, Kate, you’ll be old enough and we’ll have our own nights.

This morning before church I got an 8 mile run in. My goal was to keep my pace “easy”. I ran exactly 9:00 per mile. The idea for now is to keep my long runs about 1:00-1:30 per mile slower than my goal pace for Rev3 Half Iron in May. The run went okay. Ribs, fries, queso and chips, snow caps, sour patch kids, and hot chocolate weren’t ideal fuel for a long run.

Today during lunch Mommy said “Max, you don’t like girls, they have cooties”. Your response was “why mommy? Why girls wanna watch Goonies?”

Kate, I got involved in a convesation with someone a few days ago about NICU babies. Before I knew it I was reliving those days you babies spent in Baptist and Vanderbilt. That first night that we lost you and you came back to us again and again is still hard to remember. My eyes and muscles twitch when I think about those first few hours. I’m so grateful that you are so full of spunk now! We always tease about how “bad” you are now, but it’s that spirit that helped you fight when you were a new born. Never lose that spunk Peedle (your nickname).

I love you kids. Writing new chapters in life with you everyday is quite a journey.

– Daddy

ps: I took lots of pictures this weekend and will add those tomorrow.


Friday: Swim – 1400 yards with 700 straight

Saturday: Bike – 15 moderate miles at sunrise / Run 4 miles at 2pm at 7:57 per mile

Sunday: Run 8 miles at 9:00 pace