Get to / Have to

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Today is my rest day, so I didn’t get to do any training today. Did you catch that? I didn’t “get” to rather than “have” to. There’s a big difference in how your mind hear’s those phrases or thoughts. Truth is, my body is tired today, but if I allowed myself to think that I “have” to do anything it becomes drudgery and I start looking for excuses or diversions. I don’t have to train for triathlons; I get to. God gave me a strong body and a competitive spirit. I get to swim, bike, and run everyday and that’s a gift. I didn’t “have” to go to work today; I got to go to work today. This is far from a new concept, but I’m working on gratefulness this year. Can you tell?

Yesterday was superbowl Sunday. It kind of escaped me. I kept meaning to turn the game on, but other things kept getting my attention. You kids were all home and doing your thing, so our world didn’t come to a grinding hault to see the Giants beat the Patriots. Dinner time turned into bath time turned into play time and then I’d missed it. I love sports, but it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Max and Kate, we’ve pushed your twin beds right up against each other. You two like cuddling up beside each other and that seems to be keeping you in your beds at night. The only problem is you keep driving a wedge between the beds and I’ll find you both in the gap you’ve created.

Izzy, you’re “star of the week” at school, so you had fun last night preparing your “all about me” poster.

I’ll be back to my training in the morning with a swim and then a bike ride during lunch. This week I GET to take a recovery week, so my workouts will all be scaled back.

Love you,

– Daddy


REST day