Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Mommy made this sign for our kitchen. It’s just a regular picture frame, but she framed a piece of paper that says “I love you, because…”. We (mostly mommy and Izzy) write on it with a dry erase marker when the mood strikes us. Sometimes it’s silly stuff, but usually it’s heartfelt. I need to participate more often. It’s a cool little way that our family shares our appreciation for each other.  Appreciate your mommy when you get older. She works at making our family life special.

Max, you didn’t feel well last night, so we played musical beds again. You started in bed with me. You woke up crying about every 30 minutes. Mommy came to check on us around 2:45am. She got in bed with you and I moved into your room to sleep beside Kate. I’m tired, but by morning I appreciate those few quite hours I get most nights watching you kids sleep (I’m not quite as appreciative in the middle of the night).

I got up at 5:15 this morning after just a few hours of sleep and went for a “recovery” swim of 1000 yards. I’ll get in 30 minutes on the spin bike and some weights during lunch today.

Love you kids!

– Daddy

Recovery weekTraining:

Swam 1000 yards as: 4 x 100 / 8 x 25 fast / 4 x 100

Biked 30 minutes with 8 x :30 fast w/ :30 recoveries

worked with Battling Ropes for a few minutes