Don’t let your dreams be dreams

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Although “dreamer” sometimes carries a negative connotation, I think it’s okay to admit to being one, but only if it’s accompanied by action. When mommy and I first met we were both dreamers. She was a outdoor recreation major thinking of moving off to some far away island with her guitar and I was an English major doing my best Hemingway/Kerouac impression. I’d already taken the long road trip like Kerouac across the country, but Paris and the caribbean were also in my dreams for the future. We made our way to Key West and the Caribbean pretty quickly, but Paris, and France in general, is still to come. Izzy, you and I have been talking alot about France of late. To me it’s a dream, but to you it seems entirely possible. You ask “how soon are we moving? will you teach me French before we go?”. We’ve discussed whether we want to move to Paris, the beaches of Southern France, or some small alpine village. We still deal in “dreams” like France at our house. Although Seabrook Island, SC is a more likely destination for us someday I think it’s fun to at least dream about places even farther away. Daily life is so rooted in reality that without dreams we can find outselves battle weary and willing to join the herd of those who have given up. I see them driving their sedans and SUVs every morning on the interstate, their faces devoid of hope – no dreams, only the reality of another day just like the last. Don’t join them. I encourage you kids to chase your dreams (with a plan). We’re chasing our Seabrook dream gradually as a family, but we’re also still dreaming hard about France (Mommy’s probably still dreaming about the Caribbean). It’s a pie in the sky dream. I don’t know if we’d even like France, but we’ll certainly visit and it’s fun to dream. The dream represents something, and its probably not even really about France, but rather a constant desire for new experience. Contentment is good, but stagnation is not.

Izzy, last night you and I got caught up in watching old recorded episodes of On Surfari. It’s a documentary show that follows The McIntyre family as they surf their way across the globe. The music and scenery draw you in. The freedom (along with the scenery and music) draws me in. Before we knew it an hour and a half had passed with us staring at the remote beaches of Baja, Mexico and Sumba, Indonesia. Reminds me of the hours I spent watching “Thicker Than Water” when you were sick, Max and Kate. Something about starring at water, even if it’s just on TV, is relaxing and good for the soul.

Max, you demanded that I lay in your bed with you last night for awhile. Kate, you were so cute – you just laid there in your bed beside us smiling at me and Max until you eventually drifted off to sleep. No such luck with you, Max. You wanted to wrestle, so I had leave you and go back to my bed.

Triathlon has been a great way for me to chase some dreams over the years. Mommy and I counted up some of the cool places I’ve “raced”:

  • Honolulu, Hawai’i
  • Charleston, SC
  • Austin, TX
  • Boulder, CO x2
  • Orlando, FL

I think somewhere in the future I’d like to line up Kona, HI and Las Vegas for the world championships. At some point racing in Honolulu and Boulder were just dreams too.

I had lunch with Mommy today, so I didn’t do my planned 3 mile easy run during lunch. I’ve moved it to 6pm this evening. I can be way more flexible during my “recovery weeks”. (actually didn’t get this run done).

I love you!

– Daddy


unplanned rest day