Family Friday

Nikazy clan 1939

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I’ve been interested in our family history of late. I have lots of old pictures to share with you, but I’ll start here. This one is from 1939. That’s your great grandfather Edward (we called him Papaw) and great grandmother Vera (we called her Mamaw). He’s olding your great uncle Calvin, she’s holding either your great aunt Helen or Irene, and that’s your own Papaw sitting beside them!

It’s amazing how much your Papaw Eddie (my dad) looks like his own father. Max, I even see a little of you in Papaw’s face when he was little. Two of your namesakes are in this photo: Max is your Papaw’s middle name (Eddie Max). Edward was his dad’s name and Eddie is your Papaw’s first name and my middle name. “Max Edward”. Izzy and Kate, I’ll tell you about your names another time.I’ll show you pictures of your great-great-Hungarian and Filipino grandparents soon!

Family is important. Don’t ever forget that. I wish you could have met your great grandparents. I loved them very much, although I’ve never been good at expressing that. Improving at that is on my to-do list this year.

I’m still battling a cold, but I got up this morning and went to the pool anyway. I swam 1000 yards again with 600 straight in the middle. That’s probably the last time I’ll see “just 1000 yards” for several months. Next week starts my real ramp up in volume.

It’s actually snowing/sleeting outside right now. I’m registered for a trail race 5k tomorrow morning, so that should be fun if its frozen and muddy!

Je t’aime,

– Daddy

Recovery week Training:

Swam 1000 yards at 5:15am as: 2 x 100 pull / 600 swim / 2 x 100 pull