Let Them Eat Cake


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I ran my first 5k race since 2007 on Saturday morning. It was 24 degrees with 20mph winds. Luckily most of the race was on the heavily wooded trail behind Heritage Middle school. It was definately the most challenging 5k I’ve ever run with the steep hills, muddy terrain, and frigid temperatures. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I haven’t raced a distance that short in so many years; Most of my training has been focused on longer much slower paced events.

I decided not to go out fast and to let someone else set the pace. Two guys took the lead as soon as we hit the single track trail. I let them open a small gap, but not so large that I couldn’t still see them on the trail up ahead. My idea was to manage the gap and then close it once we reached the open trail in Thompson Station park. I knew there were steep inclines in the final part of the race, so I thought I could catch them and then make my move late in the race.

In short, the plan didn’t work. I was still running in 3rd position when we reached the open park area, with 3 other runners sitting right behind me. I picked up the pace trying to catch the guys ahead and drop the guys in tow. Neither happened. As we ran the final 1/3 of the race I slowed going up a hill and was passed by one of the other chasing runners. I gave one final effort to catch the 3 up ahead, but it was too late. So, I finished 1st in the men 35-39 years old age group and 4th overall out of about 150 runners. Ultimately I was about :45 behind the winner. I was mostly satisfied with that considering I hadn’t raced the distance in several years and I’m still 14 pounds heavier than I was in the spring of last year.

I ended up on my fluid trainer on Sunday for an hour instead of riding outside. That doesn’t happen often, but it was just way to cold this weekend. 25 degrees is my limit.

That afternoon while your mommy was out for a walk I made the mistake of going upstairs for a few minutes, leaving you kids unsupervised for about a minute and a half down stairs. Izzy, you started yelling “No Max! Daddy!!!!”. I ran down stairs to find you, Max, on the cabinet, having torn open a cake made to look like a puppy dog. I’d told you we’d eat it after dinner, but I admit, it was just too tempting. I noticed, Kate, that your hands were also covered in icing. You all got a quick reprimand and then I gave in and cut the cake up for you to eat then and there.

Kate, you were in a mood last night at dinner. No one was allowed to look at you. Max, you started oinking at her like a pig – relentlessly. Kate, you screamed “No Max!!!!! Max is oink oinking at me!!!” I corrected that problem, but it wasn’t long until you started barking at her, Max. It started again “Max!!! Don’t roof roof roofin’ at me!” Another peaceful dinner.

I reminded mommy about the times in 1998, before we even had a kitchen table, that just the two of us would sit on the floor in our little apartment kitchen and talk while we ate. Those were good times, but I admit, I think one day we’ll look back fondly on memories of you kids driving each other nuts at the table during dinner.

No training today! It’s my rest day. Mommy and I are having lunch with Jon Acuff to talk about writing. Back to work tomorrow with my hard training for 3 weeks.

Love you kids!

– Daddy

Recovery Week Training

Saturday – ran a 5k race, plus one mile warmup

Sunday – biked for one hour on the fluid trainer at a moderate intensity

Monday – Rest