It’s not the money, It’s the effort

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Happy Valentines Day! Thats your mommy cruising Charleston harbor in 1999. We loved Charleston very much. We lived there on Seabrook Island for the first year that we were married. I’m convinced that getting away and living on our own was the best thing we did for our marriage long term. We’ve been through some really hard times over the years, but we always think back to that first year and Charleston and somehow it brings us peace. Now, having said that, I won’t be happy when you tell me you’re moving away someday!

Izzy, mommy went completely overboard making your class valentines again this year. You gave each kid a fancy animal shaped sucker, an artsy valentine card, and some other stuff wrapped in cellophane with pretty ribbon. She always wants you to be proud of your gifts. It’s not the money; it’s the effort she puts into it.

Max and Kate, please stay in your beds!!! Another night of musical beds last night. Mommy and I are starting to look like Mr. and Mrs. Crypt Keeper (google image search).

Here’s what you two gave mommy for Valentines Day (I think that’s make up). Apparently you also emptied the fridge for her onto the kitchen floor at some point:

Bad babies…but you make life interesting.

I finally feel like the “switch flipped” today for me with my training. I felt good in the pool this morning and worked in some longer sets. I also squeezed in some time on the spin bike with some intervals. That’s a solid day for me right now. It’s a good start anyway.

Since it’s Valentines Day, here’s one more older pic of me and Mommy from the old days (summer 2004, I think):

I love you,

– Daddy

Build Week 1 Training:

Swam 1500 as: 3 x 100 (swim/pull/kick) /[ 300 swim / 200 swim / 100 swim on :20 rest at 1:20 per 100 pace] / [200 swim / 100 swim / 50 swim on :25 rest at 1:20 per 100 pace] / 50 kick / 2 x 100 pull easy

Bike 45 minutes on the spin bike with 8 x 1:00 fast with 2:00 recoveries