The Hulk, weak as a kitten

quick self portrait sketch

 Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

It was a strange weekend at home. Izzy, you went to Aunt Carolyn’s in Knoxville with Grandma and Grandfather for a short visit so we missed you! Meanwhile Max, you got the stomach flu and threw up all night Saturday and the early part of Sunday. We went through several sets of sheets and towels. It’s pitiful to see you sick. It’s like seeing the Incredible Hulk being weak as a kitten. I have to admit that I enjoyed holding you most of the day on Sunday though.

Here’s a pic of you caring for you sick brother, Kate:

Kate, you had me draw the picture of myself above. Obviously it was a quick sketch with one of Izzy’s mechanical pencils and crayons. You loved it though! As usual, the faster I draw the better it turns out. This drawing took about 3 minutes. I just have to shut off my mind and let my hand lead the way. I don’t draw often enough. I miss the peace it brings me. Most people don’t know that I was an Art major in college before switching to English. I wasn’t great at it, but I did enjoy it. I hope to draw more and post them here for you.

It was a weird weekend of training, weather wise. Saturday was in the high 50’s, so I was able to ride in shorts. I did 35 miles on the bike and followed immediately with a 10 minute transition. It was my first “brick” workout since August and it felt good to feel like a triathlete again. Despite it being warm on Saturday, it looked like this on Sunday:

That’s Tennessee weather for you. I tried 3 times to get out the door for my 9 mile run. The first time was at 6:15am, but it started raining heavily, so I decided to wait. The rain turned to snow around 10:00am, so I tried again, but as soon as I started down the street it switched back over to rain, so I turned around. Finally around 4:30 things dried off, so I put my running gear back on for the 3rd time. The 3rd time was a charm and I got it done. It was a struggle, because we hadn’t slept much Saturday night. It was one of those days when I kept reminding myself of what I told you a couple of weeks ago: “I get to go run”, not “I have to go run.” There was nothing in me that wanted to run in the cold and on very little sleep, but I did it. I’m glad I did; I’m still on track with my training plan for Rev 3.

More volume coming this week!

I love you kids.

– Daddy

Weekend Training:

Saturday: Rode 35 miles on my tri bike / did a 10 minute transition run at moderate pace

Sunday: Ran 9 miles at long run pace and averaged 8:53 per mile.

Last weeks Training totals:

Swam 4800 yards (Tues/Thurs/Fri)

Biked 65 miles / 3hrs 38min (Tues/Thurs/Sat)

Ran 19 miles / 2hrs 45min (Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun)