The Wrinkled Shirt

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I wear wrinkled shirts alot these days. A long time ago your Nana used to starch and press them for me, then before you kids came along I started taking them to the cleaner to be pressed, but now…I wear wrinkled shirts alot. Your mommy presses them for me now, so that’s not the issue (she does a great job!).

What usually happens is I put on the freshly pressed shirt and come downstairs to join you kids for breakfast. I’m immediately met with a hug from you Izzy, thus beginning the process. It was crisp and straight, but now there are subtle signs of wrinkles. I smooth it out a bit. Kate, then you crawl into my lap and lay back on me. I try to pull my shirt down straight, but you wiggle and wiggle. Just when I think I have my shirt in the perfect position beneath Kate to stay mostly pressed looking, you take a flying leap from the ottoman onto my chest, Max. That once pressed shirt that mommy ironed for me now looks like I slept in it. I won’t even mention what my seat belt does to my stached shirt on the commute to work.

This morning it occured to me that life is alot like a collared dress shirt. We iron ourselves out making ourselves presentable for people, by doing the “right things”: getting lots of rest, going to church on Sunday (in pressed shirts), praying (when we find time), reading books about God/Business/Winning, etc. But then life wrinkles us up. Very rarely I’ll make it through a day and my shirt will still look decent when I get home, but most often it doesn’t. It happens almost everyday. Life kicks us around a little. Someone says something to hurt your feelings, someone takes your toy (parking spot), some kid grabs the library book you wanted (buys the gadget you wanted first), some kid beats you in the potatoe sack race (a triathlon). On bad days it gets rougher than that; people go home to heaven, people intentionally hurt other people, our dreams get a little trampled. Darn wrinkles!

I want you to understand that each day begins anew though. Don’t hold onto those wrinkles. Iron your shirt – even if you know its going to get wrinkled again before breakfast. Start each day with a sharp looking shirt and attitude. Imagine how crummy you’d look if you started the day with a wrinkled shirt and then put it through the grind of a full day.

Some days triathlon can be like that too. On great days I’m flying in the pool, on the bike, or while running, but on other days it’s just not my day for one reason or another. I have to press my attitude back out each day and stay after my goals. Consistency is the key in multisport and in life.

I’m not sure if that made sense, but there you have it.

We’re passing a stomach bug around the house now, so I was a little leery of pushing myself during my swim this morning. I ended up with 1500 yards.

I ran 3.5 miles on the treadmill during lunch with 8 x :10 hill repeats. I averaged 8:28 per mile for a “moderate” workout.

Je t’aime,

– Daddy


Swam 1500 at 5:15am as: 3 x 100 (s/p/k) / 2 x 200 at 1:20 per 100 pace w/ :20 rest in between / 100 moderate in 1:15 / 2 x 200 same as last / 100 moderate same as last / 100 k / 100 p

Ran 3.54 miles in 30 minutes w/ 8 x :10 hill repeats