We just called it spaghetti

Spaghetti w/ Max wearing his shirt like Bam-Bam (as usual)

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I came home from work early yesterday because Mommy was sick. That’s a good thing for Dad’s and husbands to do. The goodwill Dad’s create by coming home early and letting their wives go to bed early when they’re sick is always worth it. It’s always a good decision to show your wife and kids that they come first. I don’t miss swim meets, school programs, doctors appointments – never.

Those are the small decisions that earn Tri-Dad’s the right to squeeze in that extra hour on the bike on a Saturday morning or on a weekday night. If your life is always about you, everytime, then you’ll run into trouble with your hobby time (sorry, triathlon is a hobby for most of us).

I started cooking dinner at 3:45pm just to make sure I had it ready by dinner time. There are always interuptions in the process: turn on another episode of Dora, can you find me a pencil?, I want MORE chocolate milk. By 5:45 I had Spaghetti with meat sauce and italian sausage ready, along with some hot bread. If we were fancy I would call it: whole wheat pasta with organic tomatoe and basil sauce, grass fed beef and chicken italian sausage, and toasted multi-grain french bread. That’s what it was. But we just called it Spaghetti. Simplicity is a good thing. Don’t try to impress people with fancy window dressing.

I kind of enjoyed cooking, putting you kids in the bath, putting your jammies on, and scootin’ you along to bed, all by myself (although, I’ll be glad Mommy’s back on her feet today.)

I had lunch with a friend from my group of accountability partners yesterday. He’s a bit older than me, so I seek his advice on helping my kids grow, among other things. He reminded me how quickly it goes, so I savored every moment of watching my 3 little kids last night.

I got 45 minutes in on the spin bike today, so I’m still on track.

Love you,

– Daddy

ps. I like this quote: “Marriages are not static. You are either pulling each other closer, or the world is pulling you apart.” – Mike Glenn (Pastor at Brentwood Baptist) 


Biked 45 minutes, including 6 x 2:00 hard with 3:00 recoveries