Peeing off the deck and other things Dad’s should teach their kids

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

As I watch you all I grow I’m always coming up with random things that make me think “hey, that was a good thing to teach the kids. Completely useless and maybe a little questionable, but a good thing.”

I think I’ll create a seperate page on my website eventually to list those as I come up with them. Here are a few I’ve discovered recently, excluding the obvious stuff like “share”, “say please”, etc:

  • Teach your kids to crawl on all fours and hoot like a gorilla. I mean a rabid crazy monkey gorilla. Max, you love to mimic and you girls love to laugh at us.
  • teach your kids to laugh like a clown. All three of you love it and it’s hysterical to hear you try to mimic me. Mommy generally hates it, but that’s part of what makes it fun.
  • Okay, prepare yourselves for this one. Dad’s, teach your son to pee off of the deck or in the backyard. That’s right. Sometimes guys need to pee outside – just because we can. Just make sure no one is around. Max, you were stunned the first time you found out this was possible.
  • Teach your kids to wrestle. I’m talking wrist control from the top, straight double leg, and stand ups.
  • Go to chili-cookoffs. It’s worth the aftermath.

My alarm sounded this morning at 5am. That’s 15 minutes earlier than normal, because now things are getting real! I needed to get a 2000 yard swim in for the first time since the swim in Boulder reservoir at Boulder 70.3 in early August. The 2000 yard swim included a 1000 yards straight at half iron pace. I did in 14:45. My goal was 15:00, but I felt really fresh when I finished, so I don’t think I pushed too hard.

I’m scheduled to run 4.5 miles with my buddy Bill during lunch. I always look forward to training with my friends, especially those I’ve shared lots of stories and good times with.

I realize I haven’t been writing much about my triathlon stuff, but that’s because it’s kind of boring right now. It’s still cold outside and most of my workouts are alone and not that interesting. I promise once the race season and heavy training season starts you’ll hear alot more about it.

Je t’aime

– Daddy


Swam 2000 yards at 5:00am as: 3 x 50 (s/p/k) / 1000 straight / 3 x 50 (s/p/k) / 6 x 100 (s/p/k) / 4 x 25 easy swim

Run 4.5 miles with 6 x :45 fast