How Kids add Fluffy Clouds

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Last night before dinner I decided to sketch a friend for the “runner dude” I sketched earlier this week. Kate, you took particular interest in the process. What follows shows how a dad draws for his little girl and how she appreciates the process:

It starts with a kiss

progresses to a hug

and ends with quiet observance. I don’t normally let you all lay or sit on the table, but in cases like this I’m a little more flexible.

After the sketch was finished you added some “clouds” to the picture for us, Kate. Here’s the final result beside his “friend” on the bulletin board in our kitchen. I may have a new logo going here for Need to draw a swimmer dude soon, I suppose:

I swam 1500 this morning with my friends Daniel and Bruce. It’s great to actually swim with the guys once in a while! After breakfast Daniel and I had breakfast with our good friend Bill. Love hanging out with those guys and talking about life and the search for experiences.

Love you kids,

– Daddy


Swam 1500 yards at 6am as: 3 x 100 s,p,k / 5 x 200 descending between 2:50 and 2:30 / 2 x 100 cool down