Dreams, Fantasy, and Crap-uccino

love this old picture of Kate. There's a dreamlike quality about it.

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

You kids were crazy last night. Mommy brought home some tiny things of ice cream for us as a treat. One of them was Starbucks Capuccino flavored. Max, you mistakingly called it “Crap-uccino”. Kate, you followed suit begging for Izzy’s “crap-uccino”. We laughed so hard that I couldn’t even reprimand you. It went on and on. 

Izzy, for some reason you asked us if you could live with us forever. You seemed stunned when Mommy told you “yes.” I asked if you didn’t want to get married and buy your own house one day. You said you didn’t know how to get a house. I said “get a job and earn money”. Your response: “I don’t like earning money. I really don’t like chores.” You turkey! Mommy told you that you can make money doing something you love. You said “like being an artist?” Yep, that’s fine, baby. I love hanging out in your bedrooms before bedtime just hearing the stuff you kids say.

This morning I had the pleasure of hearing Al Andrews speak on the process he’s gone through in his dream of becoming a philanthropist. He determined that his dream was to give away lots of money, maybe build a hospital or something cool like that for kids. One problem: he isn’t wealthy monetarily. That made his dream crazy – nearly impossible – which is what dreams should be.

He explaind that “dreams” are about helping other people, while “fantasies” are about helping yourself. That’s an interesting statement and I’ve been spinning my wheels on that one all day.

Al and a friend came up with a plan to write a childrens book based on a poem he had written years before about a boy and a kite. Very short version: he wrote the book, God brought an awesome illustrator to him who also wanted to give money away, and now they’re doing what once seemed impossible. Cool, huh?

You can check it out here: Improbable Philanthropy

His story caused me to think about what our families dreams are. We talk about France alot, but maybe that’s a fantasy. We could pick up and move to France next week if we really wanted to. Retiring on Seabrook Island, SC is another one of our longtime dreams. But we could do that tomorrow. So what’s left? Racing  Ironman Kona? Not crazy enough and that’s a fantasy, by Al’s definition.

So today, after hearing Al speak I was left with what’s next? What could we become or do as a family that qualifies as a dream? As I said, I’d spun my wheels on dreams vs. fantasy all day – until I read All Pro Dad’s blog for the day. I pulled from it this reminder: No man is a failure who is loved by a child. I know I’m loved by you kids, and so I can take our pursuit of both dreams and fantasies as they come. When God puts a dream in my path I’ll pursue it, but until then I’ll cherish the dream I’m living now – being loved by you kids and mommy. Maybe the dream at this stage of my life is that simple. A job I enjoy, a roof over our heads, and a family who loves me.

I got 45 minutes in on the spin bike today. I did 4 x 3 minutes hard with 2 minute recoveries. 3 minutes doesn’t sound like much, but at max effort it can be torture. I was glad that one was over. My February training volume totals are way behind last years, but I can’t let myself stress over that. It’s been a tough winter, but that seems to be behind me now. March should be a solid training month.

Love you kids,

– Daddy


Biked 45 minutes with 4 x 3 minutes FAST