Confessions of a Bananasaurus

Swim start at Florida 70.3. I'm in there somewhere. Photo courtesy of Evan Tardy

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

This morning I had a great swim. It seems that the sun and warmer temperatures are finally helping me break out of the funk I’ve been in with my training for months. I was scheduled for 2100 yards with 1250 straight, but I ended up getting in 2500 yards. That’s the first time since last July that I’ve done 2500. A few weeks from now 2500 yards won’t feel that impressive, but today it felt great.

It was one of those mornings when I didn’t want to get in the water. I’ve been training for triathlons for 10 years, but slipping into the cold indoor pool in the dark hours of the morning just never gets easier. At one time I was notorious for getting my suit one, putting my feet in the water, staring blankly down the lane for 10 minutes and then walking away without swimming. I’ve gotten better about not doing that. I have to admit that I considered it this morning though.

Swimming is definately my natural sport of the 3 – the one I can just pick right back up after a long break and be right back where I was during heavy training volume. This morning the further I got into the workout the stronger I was getting. The first few hundred yards felt awkward, my hips wouldn’t loosen up and roll, but by the time I got deeper into the workout I felt smooth. I call it “deep water”. I’m not literally swimming into deeper water, but the longer the swim goes the “deeper” it seems for most people. I like races with long swims. I like taking people into my world …deep water. Too bad most triathlon swims are so short compared to the bike and run.

I guess life, relationships, and our walk with God can be that way too. Those things often feel diffucult in the beginning; we don’t want to bother getting in and feeling uncomfortable. When we get started it’s awkward and slightly painful, but the deeper we go the easier it becomes. That made perfect sense to me this morning with my head underwater. I hope it makes sense here. Deep water. Keep swimming. You’ll find your groove.

Max, this morning you wrapped your blankie around your neck and declared “I am the Bananasaurus!” You girls thought that was hilarious, as usual.

We all enjoyed the shake I made this morning. Here’s the recipe:

* cup of ice

* cup of frozen tri medley berries

* 1/ 2 cup of Greek Yogurt

* 2 cups of organic skim milk

* 2 scoops of Almased (you can substitute Whey protein if you want)

* big squirt of Agave nectar

Je t’aime mon bebes,

– Daddy


Swam 2500 at 5am as: 3 x 100 s,p,k / 1250 straight / 50 kick / 5 x 100 pull / 3 x 100 s,p,k / 2 x 50 swim

Run 4.5 miles: (9:23/8:14/7:55/7:53/8:30) 8:21 average pace