Hello, I’m Uranus (plus the weekend training wrap up)

Hello, I'm Uranus.

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

This weekend was what I consider the first big training weekend in my build up to Rev3 Half Ironman. Saturday I went on a 52 mile ride with two friends at sunrise and then did a 2 mile transition run immediately afterwards. Afterwards I took stock of what I ate between 6am-10am that morning:

  • oatmeal with skim milk and peanut butter at home (5:45am)
  • pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the bike(8:00am)
  • 16 ounces of Gatorade G2 on the bike (throughout)
  • Snickers almond bar on the bike (9:00am)
  • 8 ounces of RC Cola on the bike (9:00am)
  • after the workout in the car: 16 onces of Horizon organic chocolate milk (10:00am)
  • Kind bar (10:00am)

3 hours and 15 minutes of training makes me hungry obviously. This seemed to be an appropriate amount of calories though, as my energy level the rest of the day was fine. Around 7:45 that night I tucked you in bed, Max and Kate. I laid down beside you and passed out myself by 8:00pm.

Sunday morning was the real test. I wondered how my legs would respond during my scheduled 11 mile run on the heels of a big Saturday on the bike and transition run. I was pleased with the results. My long runs are progressing ever so gradually. Last 3 long runs and paces:

  • 9 miles at 8:53 per mile avg
  • 10 miles at 8:24 per mile avg
  • 11 miles at 8:14 per mile avg

My concoction of G2 and Coke seems to be doing the trick for my energy. I even clipped off 3 sub-8 minute miles in the final 3 miles of the 11 miler. Not bad considering my goal pace for Knoxville is 8:30 per mile.

Today I took it easy an did a 45 minute easy spin on the bike just to flush my legs a bit.

It was a pretty normal crazy weekend at the house with you kids. Izzy, the highlight was you telling us at the dinner table that you got a speaking part in the 2 grade program about planets. It went like this:

You: “I got a speaking part in the program as a planet!!!”

Me and Mommy: “You did!? That’s great baby! What planet are you?”

You: “I’m Uranus!”

Me and Mommy: “……..(silence and sideways glances, then giggling)”

You: “What? What!?”

Me and Mommy: “Nothing baby, thats great. Uranus. That’s a cool planet. Really. So cool.”

When you’re older you’ll understand why we were laughing. I also hope you’ll think it’s a little cute that your old mommy and daddy are still immature kids at heart. We can’t wait to see the program!

I love you,

– Daddy


Saturday: 52 mile ride in 3:03 followed by a 15 minute / 2 mile run

Sunday: 11 mile run at 8:14 average pace

Monday: easy 45 minute spin on the bike