The 500

the big dude snoozin' in my spot beside mommy when I got home from my swim this morning.

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Mornings are one of my favorite times at our house. It seems that most of my favorite times come around our kitchen table, whether it breakfast or dinner, or just sitting around. I love starting my day with you in my lap, Max. As soon as I head downstairs you follow me and watch contentedly while I fix our steel cut oatmeal. Then we sit together and share it. Seems like a small thing,but those few minutes with you everyday are special to me. Now, if I could just get you to stop singing “she’s thinks my tractor’s sexy. It really turns her oooon” at Mother’s Day out.

This morning you had me chase you around the house like a gorilla. Your sleepy mommy and sisters weren’t impressed by our “guy-ness”.

You kids made me laugh last night when I got home from work. I have a friend who’s son is a Marine. He wins stuffed animals from claw grabber machines for you all over the world. Someday you’ll realize how special that is. A young man protecting our country thinks enough of you kids to take a pause in his day when he sees toys. He has a real talent for winning those things! Last night i walked in with 3 more. Kate, you screamed “Oh . . . my. . . gosh!” when you saw them. Pretty funny coming from a curly cue 3 year old.

Izzy, last night was your first night on the competition team at gymnastics after a few years on the recreational program. I’m so proud of you. I have to admit that it hurts me a little to see you doing ab exercises and pushups though. You’re still my baby! You love it though and so I’m happy to see you getting stronger while you work on your skills. You were exhausted after practice and went straight to bed. You did teach me to do the “sprinkler” dance before you went to practice though. We laughed until our stomachs hurt.

I love you kids,

– Daddy

Here’s a little workout for the time crunched dads out there:

Many endurance athletes shy away from the gym. There’s all the grunting and vein popping and posing and whatnot. Here’s a workout I devised that will work most of your major muscles without forcing you into the world of mini-Ahhhrnolds. It’s called “The 500″. Integrate this workout into your routine once every two weeks or so (while also incorporating regular strength work) and use a stopwatch to track your time. Don’t be discouraged if at first you feel like your dieing and taking “forever”. If you stick with it you’ll see a time improvement from 5:00 to nearly 15:00 difference.

You might want to write it down so that you can quick reference it and keep going. I’ve even had folks write it down on a poster board or dry erase board. I personally like working on mental focus by forcing myself to keep track of the numbers in my head while I go. I came about that decision by coaching wrestlers who have to think even when they are tired. That applies to keeping your pacing focus for endurance athletes.

If you enjoy this workout I’ll be posting more like it weekly for dads.

Dads, post your times here in the comments! Let’s see who is the fastest. My personal best is just over 8 minutes.

The 500: do this entire workout without stopping. See how fast you can do it.

2 pushups / 3 crunches / 4 squats

4 pushups / 6 crunches / 8 squats

6 pushups / 9 crunches / 12 squats

8 pushups / 12 crunches / 16 squats

10 pushups / 15 crunches / 20 squats

12 pushups / 18 crunches / 24 squats

14 pushups / 21 crunches / 28 squats

16 pushups / 24 crunches / 32 squats

18 pushups / 27 crunches / 36 squats

20 pushups / 30 crunches / 45 squats (a few extra squats here bring the total reps to 500)

Today’s Training:

Swam 1800 yards at 5:15am as: 2 x 100 p,k / 3 x 400 at T-pace / 2 x 100 p,k

ran 4.5 miles descending miles: 8:23, 8:16, 7:56, 7:36, 3:45