Don’t be afraid…

created by Pitter Patter Art

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I stumbled upon this piece of art today. My friend’s sister made it. She creates cool stuff at Pitter Patter Art. I’ll let the message speak for itself, since I’ve been already been encouraging you through my letters to do just as her creation says; there are great things on the other side.

Last night I got a chuckle out of this scene that I found in your playroom, Izzy:

By the time I was ready to snap a picture, you had showed up with a big grin on your face, Max. You proceeded to tell me about the dinosaur attack that you had perpetrated on Barbie’s private jet. Poor Barbie and Ken (or is that Bieber) never saw it coming. I love having a boy…and girls. You kids are so different!

This morning I cranked out 2100 yards in the pool, including my first 1500 yard time trial in almost a year. I did it in 21:45. That’s almost as fast as I was 10 years ago when i was 27. A little has changed since then, so I’m kind of proud that your old(er) now grey haired daddy is still keeping up with his 27 year old self.

Je t’aime mon bebes,

– Daddy


Swam 2100 at 5:00am as: 3 x 100 s,p,k / 1500 TT in 21:45 / 6 x 50 s,p,k