Sneak attack

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

One of my favorite things about mommy being a stay at home mom is that she keeps me updated on the daily happenings with you kids. Sometimes it’s videos or phone calls, but usually it’s story-lined pictures. She sent me these pics of just a few minutes ago. I think they speak for themselves, although there is a bit of backstory: last night you took Max’s spot on the couch next to me, Kate. He wasn’t happy. At all. The two of you kicked each other and eventually, with tears streaming down his face, Max said:

“I don’t like you, Kate. My Mommy will throw you in the trash can!”

You just laughed, Kate and said, “booger picker booger picker booger picker.”

It wasn’t long before I had to just hold you Max and soothe you to sleep.

Kate, you went about your business, smiling at me, and played with Izzy after Max fell asleep.

And so, today it seems, revenge was on you mind, Max.

Here you were, Kate. You look fresh from the bath, with your curly cue hair still wet. So cute. Watching TV, it appears.


Boom!!!! Sneak attack.

You kids make me smile. I love your mommy for lots of reasons, including the fact that she sends me little bits of your day – almost everyday.

Love you,

– Daddy


Friday: 5 mile run

I’ll be riding the 88 mile Cheaha Challenge, climbing the highest peak in Alabama with my buddies this weekend. I’ll tell you all about when I get back.