How to Follow a Training Plan

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Rev3 Knoxville is two days away! By this hour on Sunday I’ll be two hours into my race – somewhere between 25-30 miles into the bike with the swim already behind me. I’m pretty relaxed right now. I’ve done the distance 3 times before, but each time I learn something new about how my body responds to different choices along the way; pacing, nutrition, equipment, etc. So, I’m excited to learn from the 70.3 distance again on Sunday – but I’ll be honest, I hope I learn the right way to do it this time. I think I’m getting close.

I wrote my own 20 week plan for this race. I tried to follow it as closely as I could, but over the course of 20 weeks alot can happen. You guys all got sick at different points, mommy got sick, and I got sick. The weather didn’t always cooperate. Then there were just choices to skip workouts along the way in favor of family time. After 11 years of training and racing I’ve learned not to stress about “plans” though. I’m not a slave to my training plan anymore, because I understand that it’s best case scenario guide…and only rarely does life offer us “best case scenario”. More often we have to go with flow of life, riding that wave on an undulating sea, not walking a path (Zen Habits paraphrase).

So, looking back at the old wrinkled plan at the top of this letter, I’m pretty happy with how I negotiated “the plan”. It started on December 19th and over time it lead me to this weekend. It wasn’t perfect, but it’s guided me to a place were I’m able to relax two days before I continue my pursuit of my goal. Plans are meant to flex with you life. I consider that peace.

Max, yesterday continued your streak of trying to break things with your head. This time it was the driveway, after you tripped over your lawnmower.

Thank goodness you have the hardest noggin’ in the history of noggins.

I started my carb load last night with Capellini Pomodoro! The fun continues today and then I’ll ease up on the carbs by dinner time on Saturday night.

We’ve got a big family weekend planned in Knoxville. The race is just a part of the fun.

I love you,

– Daddy


Thursday: Swam 800 yards easy

Friday: REST