Starting over

Mommy took this picture of me walking into the water with you, Max and Izzy. Queen Baby kate was watching from the shade, as usual.

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

We had a great vacation at Sea Grove Beach, FL.  I hope you kids never forget going on vacation with your grand parents. One day you’ll realize how special that opportunity was/is.

Nana preparing breakfast for her hungry grandbabies

Max, this is Papaw showing you the sunset

The end of vacation also marked the end of my mid-season training break. I took 3 1/2 weeks off from structured training after Rev3 Knoxville. I needed the rest physically and mentally I just needed to be a “normal” person again for a short while. Training for long course racing is not “normal”, but after a break I feel a bit lost without it and I’m ready to get back to my version of normal.

I got back on my tri bike on Sunday and did 30 miles. It felt great to be out there again and I paused a few times atop the various ridges and hills here where we live to appreciate our home. Florida is great with its perpetual sunshine and beaches, but there are a few things it lacks. Namely rolling green hills and valleys and the old barns and country scenes that I’ve become so accustomed to here in middle Tennessee. I enjoyed getting out of the saddle and going uphill again. It’s always good to be home.

I rode again on Monday with my friend Daniel. We went 45 miles at a slow pace – talking most of the way about big ideas and how life takes shape around those ideas only when we act upon them. I started the year saying I wasn’t going to let fear dictate my decision making and so far I’m doing a good job of that.

Daniel Tardy showing me how to separate the wheat from the chaff. We actually ate some of it. Good to be home.

I got up early this morning for a swim for the first time in weeks. My training plan said “1000 yards w/ 8 x 25 FAST”. I thought about that on my way to the pool, feeling like it wasn’t enough. I swam 2300 straight at race pace just 3 weeks ago and leading up to that I’d been swimming 3000 yards per workout. I got in the water still thinking about being who I was just a few weeks. I thought I might swim more than the plan called for. It didn’t take long to realize how quickly things can change though. I felt fresh physically, but my muscles wore down faster than I thought they would. Suddenly 1000 yards sounded like the right thing to do.

So, I’m starting over – staring at a 16 week training plan just like I did back in January. It’s a long road, but I’m healthy and energized by my break. My goal of breaking 5:30 for 70.3 distance still motivates me. I failed at some things while training for Knoxville. I didn’t manage every detail – namely my diet. I learned my lesson and now I’m ready to commit, with the help of mix1 nutrition.

Tri coaches tell us that consistency is the key in training – and I agree. But I also believe that renewing my body and spirit with a midseason break will help me start over, full of passion and energy. Again, triathlon imitating life.


– Daddy


Sunday: Biked 30 miles at 5:30am

Monday: Biked 45 miles at 5:30am

Tuesday: Swam 1000 yards as 3 x 100 s/p/k, 8 x 25 FAST, 8 x 50 moderate, 100 cool down