Meet Craig Evans: a pro triathlete working a full time job and being a full time dad

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I met Craig early in my own triathlon “career”. I used to swim frequently at the Brentwood Indoor Sportscomplex, just south of Nashville, back then. One day Craig showed up and all the rest of us could do was watch in wonder as he swam circles around us. This guy, built like a college wrestler, was fast. Really fast. It was a humbling moment for me.

photo courtesy of Maui Sea

Over the next few years Craig won every local race in site, so it didn’t surprise anyone when he turned pro on the Xterra pro points series. From the beginning the former college swimmer was Xterra’s fastest man in the water. He recently finished 2nd at the ITU Cross World Championships – his best result in a career of impressive showings.

I had a chance to sit down with Craig recently at a local crit race to get his perspective on balancing family with triathlon:

Craig is a super cool , humble, and laid back guy. I enjoyed hanging out with him and meeting his wife and two kids. I hope you enjoyed meeting him as well. You can follow Craig on twitter @teamcraigevans


– Dad

3D Design and digital animation courtesy of the crazy talented Chris Blaylock