The mix1 Project

The garage fridge, stocked and ready for the mix1 project

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

When I was a teenager I was disciplined (with some things). As a wrestler I cut from my summer weight of 140 lbs down to 112 lbs for wrestling season every year. I gave up Yoohoos, Oatmeal creme pies, and most painful of all, Nana’s cooking. That required a strong will. It was painful, physically and emotionally. You don’t know “hunger” until you’ve cried yourself to sleep, your lips dry and cracked, everything in you wanting just a drink of water. For days on end. That’s hunger. And ultimately those sacrifices I made were worth it. More on all of that another time.

Those memories lasted with me into my adult life. So when I started racing triathlons in 2002 the last thing I wanted to think about was my weight. I was never cutting weight or even watching my weight again. Before this comes across as melodramatic, I’ll admit that I’ve never really needed to cut weight for triathlon. As average people go, I’m fairly lean. But over the years I’ve prided myself on my lack of regard for proper nutrition, at least as it relates to elite levels of racing. I eat an “okay” diet, but I’m also prone to binges of wings, ribs, and donuts. My friends tease me sometimes about my lack of self control with junk food.

The old saying though is “garbage in – garbage out”. Looking back at my racing career, I can say thats true. When I’ve eaten a clean diet I’ve raced well, when I haven’t I’ve done poorly. While I love junk food I also know that it’s like filling a race car’s gas tank with mud. Through hard dedicated training I’m built to go fast, but if I load up on garbage I’ll only go so far. Guard your heart, guard you mind, and guard your gut, I guess.

So, I’m setting my sites on going sub-5:30 for half iron distance. I know I can do it. I know I can smash it – maybe sub-5:00 is in me. But I’ll have to do the little things right this time. During the race…and before.

With the help of the awesome crew at mix1 all natural nutrition shakes I’m starting an experiment. I’m calling it The TriFatherhood mix1  Project. Mommy is going to join me as we both try to clean up our diets and get the best out of ourselves. She needs all the energy she can get to chase you kids around while I’m at work!

Here’s the plan:

  • I’ll be eating a healthy breakfast each morning. For me, that means oatmeal with agave nectar, maybe some berries and coffee
  • For lunch I’ll have a mix1 chocolate or vanilla protein shake and a piece of fruit or handful of almonds. We’re using mix1’s original 190 calorie shakes, so the goal is to get to 300 calories for lunch.
  • Dinner will be a simple sensible meal
  • Mommy will have mix1 for breakfast and lunch, along with fruit and nuts, and then the same dinner that we eat.
  • We may let you drink mix1 as well Izzy, since you’re training more than any of us this summer

So that’s it. A simple plan. 60 days of clean living. The mix1 Project.

As we go I’ll chronicle our weight loss and general health results here in my letters to you on a weekly basis. Perhaps with clean fuel in the engine I’ll set my new Half distance personal record at a Rev3 event in late summer or early fall.


– Daddy

* is sponsored by mix1