Rudy Project Zyon Sailing review

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I’ll never forget the first time I put on a pair of “good” sunglasses. I picked up a pair of Rudy Project sunglasses 10 years ago at a local bike shop and learned what “polarized” meant. I wore those Rudy’s for years and was devastated to lose them years later. I’m not the sort who loses sunglasses a lot, so my Rudys and I were together for a while.

Recently I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Rudy Project Zyon “Sailing” glasses. They come in 8 styles with many more lense options, but I chose the White Pearl With Impactx Photopolarized Grey Lenses – pretty much just because they look awesome and something about “sailing” made me feel cool – even though I’m a triathlete.

Because I’m committed to being home with you kids as much as possible on the weekends, I start all of my weekend long rides and runs very early. The sun is usually just starting to come up as I pull out of the driveway on my bike. Last weekend I tried out my new Rudy Project Zyons on my long ride.

With other glasses I  have to start with glasses in my jersey pocket while I wait on the sun. I decided to put my Rudys on though, just to see how they felt with my helmet. The early morning dawn brightened. Instead of things getting darker with the glasses, things were more clear. Strange for a pair of sunglasses to illuminate instead of darkening. I went ahead and rode with them on from the very start. The best compliment I can give a pair of sport sunglasses on a 3 hour ride is that I didn’t really notice them at all. They adapted from the early morning light to the late morning sun. I didn’t think about the sun or glare and that’s what you want when on the road for hours.

The Rudy Project Zyons come standard with “side wings” to keep out the sun, glare, debris, and because they are designed and marketed for sailing, I assume spray from the ocean. What I knew was that they made me look fast. As the sun rose I did notice less peripheral glare while using the “side wings”.

The wings are removable, so I also tried these glasses the next day during my run without the wings. They were super light and perfect for running.

The adjustable nose piece allowed me to customize them to fit my face and the “t-lock temple tips” – (ie arms) kept them from bouncing around on my face during my run. With other glasses I end up constantly pushing them back up my nose into place, or pushing them closer to my face as the arms slip on my ears.

In short, the Rudy Project Zyon Sailing with ImpactX PhotoPolarized lenses are the best sunglasses I’ve ever worn. It’s the same Rudy quality I fell in love with years ago.  And they’re the coolest looking too – with and without the side wings.

Big ups to Rudy for their ongoing attention to detail and quality.

While these are marketed for sailing I’ll be using them for biking, running, and triathlon. I’d swim in them if I could.  I look forward to wearing them in my next 70.3 or Iron distance race.

Combine these things: cool looks, Italian design, and telling your tri buddies you’re wearing “sailing” glasses. Now that’s awesome.

Love you kids, (don’t touch my Rudys!)

– Daddy

* is sponsored by Rudy Project US