Summer weekends at home

It can all be pretty exhausting.

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

We had a great weekend. It was one of those rare times when there was no where we had to be: no birthday parties, no trips out of town, and no events. As a busy family I wish we had more of those kinds of weekends. Truth is, I wish our life was more like this past weekend. I think that’s what we’re striving for. More simple pleasures like sunrises, sunsets, popsicles,  and backyard adventures. Fewer distractions, less technology, less stuff that owns us, and fewer things we “have” to do.

We had a garage sale on Saturday morning (ugh) and then we stuck pretty close to the house, with the exception of taking you kids to see Madagascar 3 on Sunday. It was your first movie, Max and Kate! I loved watching you three kids laugh during the movie and sharing the candy I snuck in in Mommy’s purse and the giant $18 refillable bucket of popcorn. I only had to take you out of the theater once, Max, after you decided that hopping up and down the steps was more interesting than actually watching the movie.

I managed to get a couple of bike rides in this weekend since I’m still nursing my injured calf and am not running. Here are some pictures I took during my rides. I went 25 miles in the mid day heat on Saturday and 40 miles starting at 5:30am on Sunday.

This is a picture I took of the sun coming up over the hills near Leipers Fork. I always stop on this ridge to look out over this valley. It’s peaceful there.

I took this picture on the other side of High Meadow Alpaca Farm in Leipers Fork. I’m lucky to live in such a great place for riding and running.

Old meets new. My Kestrel Talon beside the actual Beverly Hillbilly’s truck outside of Pucket’s market.

The lawn chair theater in Leiper’s Fork.

Who needs Boulder Creek?! This is how I recover from a hot 40 mile ride. Clark Griwald’s got nothing on me! “I’m putting in a pool!”

Here’s to more family weekends at home! I know you kids will remember our trips and the special things that we do, but somehow I think we’ll all remember weekends like the one we just had the most.

I love you,

– Daddy

Last week’s Training:


Tues: Swam 1800


Thurs: Swam 2600 / Biked 1:25 hard effort group ride

Friday: Swam 2000

Sat: Biked 25 miles

Sun: Biked 40 miles