How to find the silver-lining

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I wrote to you a while back about injuring my calf muscle. I took 10 days off from running and really babied my leg – icing it, using the foam roller, stretching. In the meantime I focused on cycling and especially on my swimming.

This morning I laced up the shoes and went for my first run since the injury. I was cruising in my new Newtons. Once again, my leg felt great for the first mile and then the pain showed up. Out of the blue. And I was walking again. That’s the way life works sometimes. The same thoughts ran through my head that I had 10 days ago. Quit. Withdraw from the races you’re signed up for. What if I can’t get my long runs in before Rev3 Anderson? Why is this stuff happening to me? Now?

Just because I’ve been down that road before didn’t mean I was immune to the same emotional response. I rode the roller coaster. Then I quieted my mind and limped home. No more running until the Chattanooga Waterfront triathlon on July 8.

Since I wasn’t able to run this morning I went for a lunch time swim with my friend Bruce. We swam outside at a pool near our office. It was good for my soul to feel the sunshine of an outdoor lap pool mid-day. That wouldn’t have happened had I gotten in a real run this morning. And I wouldn’t have spent that time with my good friend and mentor Bruce.

Sunshine. Outdoor swims. Silver linings.

I’m icing my leg as I type though.  I’ll heel. And I’ll be faster for the rest.

Izzy, Mommy texted me the picture above today. (another silver lining moment) I stared at it for 5 minutes and wondered when my 8 year old daughter started to look more athletic than her daddy. I guess training 9 hours a week (Gymnastics plus swim team) will do that. You’re so good at both. And you don’t really care. You just love being in motion. I love that about you.

Love you all,

– Daddy



Tues: Swam 2000

Wed: Biked 1:00 hour

Thurs: Swam 2000

Fri: failed run / Swam 1700

Sat: Planned 40 mile ride

Sun: Planned ride distance TBD

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