Twins: the small moments are worth all of the challenges

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I’ve written to you often about how challenging it is raising twins. Especially twin 3 year olds. Thank goodness for you, Izzy. You’re such a big help.

I hope I also tell you often enough how great it is. About how special the whole experience can be. As we watch you grow and develop  your own very distinct personalities, the one constant for each of you is your love for each other (and for your big sister). Despite the headlocks, bloody noses, and disputes over Wow Wow Wubbzy and Peppa Pig.

You two little ones share a bond that no one will ever understand. Kate, you had a high fever yesterday and spent most of the day sleeping (ok, and occasionally bossing everyone around.) Mommy caught this quiet moment with her phone:

Max, you’re the kisser of the bunch. Especially when someone doesn’t feel well or is upset. That’s the softer side of our big tractor and truck man.

Amazing how all of the hours of screaming, crying, fighting, eating, toy throwing, breaking things, wall coloring, mess making, and general parental torment can be washed away by one tiny moment.

You kids love each other. I think that’s all that matters for mommy and I.

Love you,

– Daddy


Sat: ran 6 (9 min avg.)

Sun: Rode 51 (17.8 mph avg.)

Mon: Rest

Tues: Swam 1000 (mostly 100s on 1:15)

Wed: Ran 4 (8 min avg.)