Our interview on Fox 17 Tennessee Mornings

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

We had an awesome experience today! You and I were interviewed on Fox 17’s Tennessee Mornings this morning by Nick Paranjape, Izzy.

We got up early at 5am, so that we could leave the house by 6:15. We met Megan Lane, a PR consultant from Chicago, at a Starbuck’s near the studio at 7:15. Kate, you made fast friends with Megan. That’s your style.

We spent a few minutes going over the segment before driving over for the interview. All three of you kids were so excited. The whole thing was a whirlwind. I have a whole new respect for “TV people” after this morning. We were quietly ushered into the studio and mic’d up while Nick and Kelly Sutton were doing the news.

When they went to commercial we had about 1 minute to get everything ready on the table, meet Nick, and get into position.

The interview went great. You can watch it:


After the interview we had a few minutes to talk more with Nick and meet Kelly Sutton, Erin Como, and Craig Edwards. Everyone we met at Fox 17 was so nice and helpful. I think they enjoyed having kids around!

We took Megan to the Pancake Pantry downtown afterwards to celebrate.

with Megan Lane after breakfast

Life is about the expereinces you have, the people you help, and the memories you make. I think we did all 3 today.


– Daddy