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Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Today is a big day for me. I’ve been competing in triathlons for the last 11 years. And I’ve also been reading Triathlete Magazine all those years.

Through writing these letters to you kids I’ve also been fortunate to interview some of the greatest athletes in the world along with triathlon industry professionals. Both groups have been incredibly helpful to me over the first 6 months of my letters to you. In that process I met a lot of people who believed in what I was doing. I’m honored and humbled every day by their generosity.

Today (the website for Triathlete Magazine) published an interview I did with Franko Vatterott from Human Interest Group and Retul. That makes me an official contributor to the worlds #1 triathlon publication! And it couldn’t be with a nicer guy. Franko was more than generous with his time and information. We have a lot in common. Perhaps the strongest bond being that we’re both father’s of twin 3 year olds.

Franko discussing business with 5x World Champion Craig Alexander. Photo from “As the Crow Flies” courtesty of Velo Press.

A lifetime of  writing, a bachelors degree in English, 11 years of triathlon, and my passion for family combined to make a dream come true for me today. I’ll be contributing to monthly going forward. I’m honored. And forgive me, a bit excited.

You can read my first contribution: Triathlon Business: a chat with Franko Vatterott HERE.

I love you kids,

– Daddy

Training: (on vacation this week. No cycling or swimming)

Sat: rode 35 miles

Sun: Ran 8 miles


Tues: Ran 4 miles

Wed: Ran 3 miles

Thurs: REST

Fri: Ran 9 miles