When do you get your kid a dog?

Dear Mom and Dad, I’m still BEGGING for a dog! So I had a great day. (found in your backpack)

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

You’ve been on me for weeks,  maybe months. You want a dog. This is your fight really, Izzy.

Your sweet spirit has always been content with what you have. You’ve never been the kind of kid who begs or throws tantrums for things you want. In fact, I can’t remember many things, if any, over the last 8 years you’ve wanted. Don’t misunderstand, we’ve certainly spoiled you in a lot of ways. But it’s been easy, because you’ve always been grateful and have never felt entitled – just because other kids have things. We’ve given you things we wanted you to have.

You teach us about contentment everyday.

You’ve also never been a child who cries easily. And certainly not as a way to get what you want. Now Kate on the other hand….you were born knowing how to get what you want. And for you, it includes lots of crying. That’s just you though, and we love you through all of your fake tears.

Izzy, you’ve cried yourself to sleep the last few nights. You want a dog so badly that it’s breaking your heart. I’ve been saying “we’ll see” and “maybe for Christmas” for what seems like months. I’ve listed all of the reasons why we can’t have one. That’s what I do. I measure the consequences, good and bad. But it seems my rationale isn’t enough. So much for lists.

That’s true more often than we think in life. Safe thinking. Rational decisions. Making lists of pros and cons. Long term thinking.  Grown up processes for living.

But sometimes it’s just fear of making a mistake or laziness.

I can’t stand to see you cry. It breaks my heart to hear you sniffling in your bed, head under the covers, so that I won’t hear you.

I don’t want a dog. Or the responsibility, the cost, and the potential heartbreak.

But you do…and so do Mommy, Max, and Kate. Every kid needs a dog, right?

We’ll see.

I think Max offered the strongest argument for getting a dog this morning before I left for work.

“Daddy, I promise I won’t kill Izzy’s dog.”

That’s as solid a reason as I’ve heard.

I skipped my swim this morning. It’s the first one I’ve skipped in awhile, but because this is my recovery week, and I’ve been nursing a sore right shoulder, I decided to stay in bed. As long as one skipped workout doesn’t become two, and then three, then it’s okay to listen to your body. I’m still on track for Rev 3 South Carolina.

Izzy, your triathlon is tomorrow morning so I’m dropping your bike off at the race site this afternoon! Just like a real grown up race your bike has to be in transition tonight. You’re going to do great.

I love you,

– Daddy



Tues: Swam 1000 yards at 5am

Wed: Ran 3.5 miles at lunch

Thurs: Swam 1600 yards at 5am / Biked 25 miles at 6pm (group ride)

Fri: 3.5 mile run planned for lunch

Here’s a picture Mommy took last night. She captioned it on Facebook with  “This is what happens when I ask Daddy to tuck them in their beds.”