Izzy’s big day at the Vaco Kids Triathlon

Dear Izzy, Max and Kate,

You did the Vaco kids tri again this year, Izzy. Our friends from Team Magic put on the race in Brentwood, TN at the Maryland Farms YMCA. We can always count on great organization from Faye and Therese from Team-Magic at their races.

This year’s Vaco Kids Triathlon was no exception. Imagine putting on a Ladies only triathlon at 7am and then rolling straight into an all day kids triathlon with kids ranging from 5-12 years old. That takes some serious organization…and courage. Big thanks to Faye and Therese and the rest of their team for being awesome, as usual.

Izzy, your race started at 10am, but we arrived at 8 to get you body marked and so that I could show you where I had racked your bike the night before. Racking bikes the night before was a good idea. I can’t imagine the chaos that would have ensued had the transition area been full of nervous kids and overprotective parents on race morning.

You were only a little nervous. You’re starting to come out of your shell a little more and your confidence is starting to show. I think your success at gymnastics and swim team has shown you that you’re a strong little girl and that you can do whatever you want. I like seeing your new found confidence. It’s more important than I can tell you how far confidence in yourself will carry you in life.

Your race was a 100 meter swim, 4k on the bike, and a 1k run.

You had a great day on the race course! Here’s a recap of the day, in pictures.

getting your numbers marked before the race. Parent weren’t allowed into the transition area., so I took this picture from a distance.  You were number 603.

I coached you through setting up your transition area.

We kept things pretty relaxed before the race. You played with Max and Kate around this tree. You won’t find many adult triathletes climbing trees on race morning! That’s why we should all be more like kids.

Here you are all smiles in the staging area with some of the other kids.

Your tri sherpas (Kate and Max) were ready for action too!

Love this picture. You’re just hanging by the start making new friends.

You had a great swim (as usual)!

On your way to T1

Here you are in T1, getting ready for the bike

Hammering on the bike!

Coming down the finishing straight.

The smile says it all!

Every kid got one of these cool bags.

Mommy and I are so proud of you, baby. You did great. And you had a great time!

As your reward you chose ribs for lunch and a new Scooby Doo DVD. That’s my girl.

You inspire me every day, Izzy. Sometimes I realize I’m inspiring you too. There’s so much I want to show you in life. Big stuff. Really important things. But on Saturday I was happy to see you doing a triathlon.

I’m glad you’re showing interest in following my lead into triathlon and the multisport lifestyle. You’ll learn so much about yourself. About others. And about how you’re connected through love, determination, and courage to the small group of people who dare to test their boundaries. And find peace in that pursuit. You’ll learn how beautiful our world is and why we should be outside enjoying it and protecting it.

I love you,

– Daddy

* Izzy raced in a Louis Garneau kids tri suit (and loved it!)