A talk with Jon Acuff about dreams, balance, chocolate chip cookies, and radishes

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

My friend Jon wrote a Wall Street Journal best selling book called Quitter. Now he speaks all over the country, inspiring others to pursue the life of their dreams. What sets Jon apart from other “motivational speakers” is that he believes you should find balance in your life as you pursue your dreams.

Jon hasn’t always been the “best selling author and speaker Jon Acuff”. For a long time he was “Jon – the guy with a funny blog who jumps from job to job.”

I want you to meet Jon, because while he’s not a triathlete (yet), he does understand better than most how a person can pursue a goal or a dream – while balancing that pursuit with providing for his family. Jon has a wife and two daughters. He worked hard and achieved his goals, but he didn’t sacrifice his family and relationships in exchange. And now he’s living his dream.

That sounds a lot like the dreams so many people have about Ironman.

It sounds a lot like the journey I’m on balancing marriage, being your dad, and my own Ironman dreams.

Enjoy my conversation with Jon Acuff:

I hope you kids enjoyed meeting Jon Acuff. You can follow him on twitter HERE and on his blog HERE.

I love you,

– Daddy