Why I didn’t race: Part 2

We stood here for nearly an hour. And watched.

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,


Learning to be still played a big role in why I didn’t go. After 20 weeks of training I stayed home, and missed the race.

There were other reasons I stayed home besides stillness though. I never embraced the idea of traveling to the race alone – without you kids or Mommy. The thought of spending 3 days away from home, doing something strictly for myself, seemed self serving. That’s fatherhood, I think. I don’t struggle with that. I love being a dad more than anything I’ve ever done. I’ve embraced the truth that my family comes first. Yes, even before triathlon.

You two little ones have been sick. And you’re always busy, Izzy. It was a bad weekend to be away.

So this weekend, we spent a family weekend at home. Kate you have had a high fever for 3 days, so you missed most of the fun. Mommy has been by your side for days taking care of you. Day and night. I’ve tried my best to help. I think you both needed me home this weekend for this reason alone.

In effort to bring some peace and quiet to the house, I tried to keep you two other kids busy.

Friday night, after I picked you up from gymnastics practice, I took you to Allendale night at the Summit High School football game, Izzy. I was tired, in a hurry to get home, and honestly, still thinking a little about the fact that I was skipping my race. I tried to slow down and focus on how excited you were though. I’m glad I did. They let you kids and your parents on the field to meet the cheerleaders and then form a tunnel for the football team to run onto the field. You and your friend Becca had a blast!

Saturday, you and I spent the entire day together, Max. We started at the  “Touch a Truck” event. You got to sit in and play on all sorts of trucks and equipment.

After Touch a Truck we went to an antique tractor show and plow at Rippavilla Plantation near our house. It was better than Disney for you. We looked at and sat on dozens of tractors from the 1930’s and 40’s.

You even got to drive this little one all by yourself. I’ve never seen you so excited!

We toured the TN Museum of Farm History.

And watched a tractor plow an entire field.

We ate lunch together. Just me and you. And then I took you to Tractor Supply, just to look around. You want a John Deere hat for your birthday.

I spent Sunday morning alone in the woods. I’ll write to you about that in a separate letter.

I don’t regret missing my race.

This weekend was so much better than any race I could have done. There’s still a place in my life for races. I need them. But some weekends all I need is my wife and kids and our small town.

I love you,

– Daddy