A walk with my son

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Here’s something I wrote after taking Max and our dog for a walk on Sunday:


We went for a walk

me and you and the dog.

You wore a Yellowstone Park tshirt.

The bear and Old Faithful glow in the dark.

Your favorite camoflage shorts

grey socks with red, white, and blue stripes

new tennis shoes with velco straps

and a sticker your sister brought you from the doctor’s office.

Before we left I whispered to Mommy

“look how cute he is. His pockets are sticking out of his shorts.”

You looked away

pretending to notice something outside

and tucked your pockets in.

I felt sorry I said it.

And I was glad when you accidentally pulled one of them back out.


I love you,

– Daddy