The legend of ol’Grey Tooth


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

In the darkness, beyond shadow, and depths of night, there lived a creature known as ol’ Grey Tooth.

He terrorized his sisters. And crept into his parents room each night.

His tooth the color of a shark’s eyes.

Some said he was a boy. Others said he was a beast.

I said he was both. Part boy, part animal. He howled and smashed. But cuddled too.

Headfirst tumbles from his bed, headfirst assaults on his siblings and pets.

He always lead with this face. Never one to flinch. His courage was legend. But foolhardy.

Legend says he broke his front tooth one night, taking a bite of a cedar chest. Another face first attack on an inanimate object.

Perhaps he tripped over his feet. Some said the boy ate cedar for breakfast.

The tooth died and it turned grey.

And from that day forward the boy-beast was known as ol’ Grey Tooth.

But the boys parents were kind. They loved him despite his aggressiveness

and despite the one grey tooth.

They took him to a kindly dentist, unafraid of ol’Grey Tooth.

And he removed the it.

The tooth fairy visited with $1.

Enough to buy a Matchbox truck said ol’ Gap Tooth, his face smeared with chocolate milkshake.


And they lived happily ever after (awaiting more stitches, broken teeth, and busted lips). For the boy was in fact, a boy-beast called


The End.

I love you,

– Daddy