A Children’s Book: The Girl and the Dog


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

You often talk about growing up to be a chef and an artist, Izzy. But you spend the bulk of your free time writing. I find stories, notes, poems, songs, and books all over the house. Here’s a little book I found earlier this week with a strange, but fitting message for the Christmas season. The book is called “The Girl and The Dog. Enjoy:


It’s a sad start, but it happens. Good people sometimes have to get rid of their dogs.


So, they give the dog to a “girl walking in town”. I love that the girl says “Sure!” and also “Whatever.”


Poor dog. It’s not like the girl has anything better to do. I mean, she’s just standing there staring off into the distance. Poor dog.


Oh my gosh! Where do these people live?! And those tigers look a lot like Lions. Weird! Doggie is still smiling though. That’s good.


Yay! Leave it to you to weave in Biblical reference.


The moral of the story is: Always pay attention to what you have.

Izzy, this is a great story about gratitude and always being thankful for what you have. I think it’s a little strange that after the drama with the dog the girl got a new bunny though.

I love you,

– Daddy

TRAINING: still struggling to kick this cold, so no training this week. Considering a run today. Planning a trail run for Saturday and a ride for Sunday.