ZumXR xtended release sports drink review


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

As a triathlete I’m always on the lookout for products to help me maintain my energy and stay hydrated.

I had the opportunity recently to try out the new sports drink from the Colorado based company ZumXR.

Here’s the info from ZumXR‘s “About Us” page:

We are competitive runners, cyclists, climbers and skiers. We are fathers, mothers, scientists and business people. Züm XR was developed for elite athletes by scientists who push themselves to perform at peak levels both athletically and at work. Unsatisfied with the typical “sugar water” sports drink and disgusted by unhealthy energy drinks with unpronounceable ingredients and high fructose corn syrup, we set a mission to develop something better, something healthier and something that helps us go longer, harder and with more focus.

Their sports drink is designed to deliver the usual big three for athletes: carbs, electrolytes, and caffeine (from green tea in this case).

What sets ZumXR apart is their use of time release “micro beads” to deliver the electrolytes and caffeine. The beads float in the drink and gradually dissolve in your system over a 5 hour period giving you sustained energy, rather than an immediate rush and subsequent crash.

mesmerizing beads. Like a flavored lava lamp.

mesmerizing beads. Like a flavored lava lamp.

More from ZumXR.com:

It’s all about the beads, the time-release energy beads. Our micro sized beads release electrolytes and caffeine over a 5-hour period to keep you energized and feeling strong. And, we put carbs in the liquid to keep you fueled and ready to go hard.

    –   Caffeine is proven to enhance athletic performance, promote alertness and improve focus. more info
    –   Electrolytes can be depleted in as little of 60 minutes of exercise, leading to fatigue and cramping
    –   Carbohydrates are an essential fuel for all athletes
    –   Proper hydration is crucial for reaching peak performance

Züm XR delivers electrolytes, caffeine and carbohydrates to keep you going longer and harder. You’ll get an immediate hit of energy from the liquid and the extended release energy beads will keep you going for up to 5-hours. Züm XR is the world’s only extended release sports drink.

They sent one of each flavor to try. I used the product before a swim, during a run, and on the bike.


It’s a matter of preference I suppose, but I loved the Natural Wild Mandarin and the Natural Mango Green Tea. I enjoyed the Natural Fresh Citron. I wasn’t a big fan of the Natural Alpine Berry (I’m generally not a fan of berry flavored beverages).

The beads are flavorless and hardly noticeable when actually drinking during a workout. I kind of enjoyed catching them in my teeth and popping them though. It was a nice distraction from the workout itself.


Yes. ZumXR worked as well or better than many of the other sports drinks on the market for hydration. No cramps. No bonk.


Yes! I’m a big fan of the energy ZumXR delivered. As advertised, it wasn’t an immediate rush like an energy drink. I did find that I never considered “being tired” during a 2 hour ride. Sometimes, especially early in the season, I’ll crash a few hours after a workout. I noticed with ZumXR that the crash never came. I had great energy late into the evening after a long ride and a full day of playing with you kids.


I’m a fan of ZumXR and would absolutely use it for both training and racing. Go here for a full run down of FAQs about the product.

You can purchase it at locations across Colorado or order from their website.

Zum! Zum!

I love you,

– Daddy

I was given this product for purposes of this review. However, my opinions are my own and I was under no obligation to provide a favorable review.