Life gets serious


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I got an email from my contact at a PR company I’ve been working with a few weeks ago. He let me know that he was moving on from the company. He wasn’t unhappy, just feeling a tug he couldn’t explain.

He said he was going to visit family, brush up on his Spanish, find some waves in South America for a few months, and learn to write again. I pushed back from the computer as I read his email and I smiled. The thing that struck me about his email was his reasoning for all of the things he was going in search of. The why.

“On Wednesday I head home for some family time before flying down to Managua, Nicaragua in January.  It is with a slight twinge of nerves that I leave here, as it’s been an amazing ride, but I must tackle the road before life gets too serious,” he said.

I congratulated him on his decision to chase whatever was pulling him. I wished him luck on the road and told him that I hoped he found great surf.

I thought about him this morning for some reason. I wondered how the road has been. I pictured the new waves he may have found and I imagined a smile on his face as he felt those new waves rise beneath him and carry him to a new shoreline. I wondered if his Spanish has improved already. What the adventure was teaching him about writing. And himself. How he fits into the universe.

He’s right in some ways. Life gets serious before you know it.

I don’t really know this guy, just email exchanges that cultivated a friendly relationship across the country.

I thought about you kids. The adventures you’ll take one day. Because I’ll offer you the same advice: find the road you’re looking for. Find great waves.

Sometimes I wonder though if I can take my own advice.

I swim, bike, and run. Because for me, it’s an adventure that most people don’t take. There’s something at the end I’m chasing. I write, because without it, life feels too serious. It helps me decipher what matters.

Perhaps there’s more.

I’m not sure what the message is. I suppose I’m suggesting that you follow your dreams and chase your waves. The serious life is at your heels. The bleakness of that pursuit. Versus the road and surf. And the life of your dreams.

I love you



Saturday: Rode 90 minutes on the trainer

Sunday: 87 minute trail run

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: Swam 1900 this morning. / 5 mile run at lunch