Healthy Life

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

We don’t need a life coach at our house. We have you, Izzy. I’m constantly finding your notes around the house ranging from “how to save the planet” to this blue print for each of us to have a “Healthy Life.”


My goal, according to you, is Full Ironman (ahem, FULL REV) by September 7th, 2013. All I need to do to achieve that goal and ultimately have a healthy life is “don’t eat sweets.”

You know me too well, daughter.

A couple of nights ago I brought home the smallest things of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Single serve containers. One for each of us. As I tore off the plastic wrapper from my Cherry Garcia (2nd favorite flavor behind Phish Food) ice cream you looked at me and smiled:

“Daddy, no sweets. Remember? FULL REV?”

I begged your forgiveness and asked for one last indulgence. You gave in and let me have my Ben and Jerry’s, but warned me “not another sweet until after your race, okay?”

No pressure.

The thing I like most about your Healthy Life plan is your goal to be the first female to ride the Tour de France. You chose age 32 as the time when you would achieve this.

“Why 32?” I asked.

“I won’t be ready in my 20’s,” you said. “I’ll be too young. By 32 I’ll be more ready.”

I have no reason to doubt you. I never have. And I never will.

Thank you for always being an inspiration, sweet Izzy.

I love you,

– Daddy


Friday: Swam 2000

Saturday: Rode 2:15 on the stationary trainer

Sunday: Ran 10 miles

Monday: Ran 5 miles

Tuesday: Swam 2400

Wednesday: scheduled for 1:10 on the bike trainer.