Swiftwick SUSTAIN sock review


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I wrote to you about Swiftwick a while back. Someone commented on the letter to the effect of “how can you write about socks?”

It’s easy.

My socks are a vital part of my training arsenal. Bad socks = blisters, sweaty feet, and misery.

No one likes “misery”.

It sounds so medival ….or so psycho Kathy Bates.

So, to help folks avoid that fate I’m writing to you again about socks. Swiftwick recently released their newest sock the SUSTAIN sock. They gave me a chance to try it out.

Here’s what Swiftwick says about the SUSTAIN:

The only sock on the market created from post-industrial recycled nylon, the SUSTAIN Line is our finest tribute to our commitment to the planet and the earth-conscious athlete in us all. From our refusal to use chemicals to wick away moisture, to our commitment to being made in the USA – we strive to be carbon neutral in our approach. Our philosophy is to conserve and recycle, while creating the best products you will ever wear, guaranteed.

Before I ran in them I talked with the owner of the Swiftwick brand, Mark Cleveland. The man is excited about this product. In a lot of ways its a culmination of everything Swiftwick set out to do: provide the BEST athletic socks on the market and work within a commitment to the least environmental footprint possible. Green is cool. Literally.


I’ve run in every sock in the Swiftwick catalog, so my early thoughts were how different can this sock really be?

The differences were noticeable as soon as I held the sock in my hand. It’s softer and slightly thicker (excluding the wool socks) than Swiftwick’s other offerings.

But, of course, you don’t wear socks on your hands. So I put them on my feet and went for a run.

I wasn’t disappointed. The SUSTAIN provides the same great moisture wicking that we’ve come to expect from Swiftwick.

The key differences:

1. The SUSTAIN is more cushioned than it’s brother’s and sisters.

2. It’s a slightly heavier/thicker sock. I suspect it’s great year round, but I immediately knew it was the perfect fall and spring sock.

3. It doesn’t provide quite as much compression at other Swiftwick models – but still provides plenty

comparison chart between the Sustain and other Swiftwick products

comparison chart between the Sustain and other Swiftwick products

The Verdict:

Love the SUSTAIN from Swiftwick. It’s a great sock. No misery in these. I also feel green when I wear it. And that’s cool too.

I love you,

– Daddy

ps. I also had a chance to try out Swiftwicks Arm Sleeves (pictured below) and their compression sleeves (calf sleeves). I’ll tell you about those another time.


I was given these products for purposes of this review. However my opinions are my own and I was under no obligation to provide a favorable review.