The Way I Take: One Twelve Media


Dear Izzy, Max ,and Kate,

I heard a guy speak yesterday on the book of Job. As he made light of the Job’s trials I considered the path I’ve been following.  My life has been easy by comparison, but we all have our challenges.

Mid-life for me.

That unfamiliar feeling that I’m not sure what I want anymore, when I used to know exactly. And how to get there.

Someplace where I’m both lost with possibilities and languishing in familiar stagnation.

Somewhere. Grasping desperately. To the surface in a storm, eyes wide – heart pounding, swimming ashore. And then submerged again into the deep where I can be comfortable, and quiet.

Job 23:10: But he knows the way that I take;
    when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.

I found joy in that verse yesterday. The reminder that however confused we may feel at the time, we’re being guided towards something greater. A “coming forth as gold.”

Continuing on that path I took the leap to start a new business a few weeks ago. I think it’s the natural progression of the things I’ve been doing for the last 11-12 years. Maybe since the day I was born.Funny how you can put the pieces together. Connect the dots. Begin to see gold on the horizon, and in hindsight the gold behind you.

So, onto my new project…

I’ll be representing athletes who have stories to tell. Unique people who inspire others. I’ll help them find sponsors, speaking engagements, etc. I’ll help them step further into their dreams. And in doing so, further into my own. It’s part time, nights and weekends, early mornings. Boot strapping.

My new project is called One Twelve Media. My first clients are Ironman triathlete Rob Verhelst (Fireman Rob) and professional triathlete Bree Wee. Both exceptional triathletes in their own unique ways. Both great people who I’m enjoying getting to know better. Both have dreams that I believe in and can embrace as my own. I want them to succeed and I’m going to help. He knows the way I take.

I’m excited. Bursting forth at the surface again. Swimming ashore.

Perhaps by the time you’re reading this you’ll know well about One Twelve Media and how coming forth as gold was planned from the beginning.

I love you,

– Daddy

Jack Johnson – What you Thought you Need. For you, Karen.