Amy Grant and Lady Gaga

Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

You kids couldn’t be more different. You’re each unique and special in your own way. You two girls have started playing together more lately as you’re getting older, Kate.

You play school, barbies, monsters, mermaids, etc. It usually goes well. But not always.

You’re also getting big enough to argue.

The arguments are usually entertaining to witness.

Kate: “Izzy, you’re a monster! You eat poop oatmeal!”

Izzy: “Kate! Get out of my playroom!”

Kate, you make a face, shake your little body in a defiant stance. Izzy, you usually start laughing at this point, because Kate is just too cute.

Kate: “Don’t laugh at me, dizzy! Stop laughing!” This is followed by intense crying. Generally followed by more laughing. And eventually by me interceding.

More than once I’ve referred to you two girls as Amy Grant and Lady Gaga. Both unique and special. But oh so different. Izzy, you’re the sweet kid who cares for other kids. You remind us to pray before meals. You’re the kid other parents enjoy having over to play. Kate, you’re sweet too, but in a different way. You know what you want and you know how to get it. You’re our “different” child. The strong willed child.

Izzy, when you were little you used to ask me to get the monsters out of your room before bed time.

Kate, you ask me to come with you to find them so that you can shoot them with a gun – after you feed them their favorite meal: poop oatmeal (???). Apparently that’s what Monster’s eat. There’s not much you’re scared of.

A few days ago I found you two talking quietly in your room, Kate. I snuck up to find you reading Green Eggs and Ham to your baby sister, Izzy. Despite your fights and differences there isn’t another person (except for you brother) you’d rather play with.

This made me smile. You kids all safe and warm in our home. Big sister reading to little sister. Amy Grant caring for Lady Gaga. Big Max playing Monster Trucks nearby.

I love you,

– Daddy

TRAINING: I’m struggling with my health lately. I’ve had stomach ulcers causing me to miss sleep and some of my workouts. I’m working to fix the problem well in advance of my season. Training has been scaled back of late.

Sat: Rode 25 miles

Sun: Ran 6 miles


Tues: Swam 2000 / Ran 4 miles