Skin Strong skin equipment review


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

I have enough to think about on long training days and race days without thinking about raw, chaffed, or sun burned skin.

But I’ve been there. The middle of a long course race or a mid-summer long ride, thinking about my blistered feet or the bike saddle that’s become all-to-noticeable . Ouch. Yep, I’ve been there…when my legs and lungs are doing just fine, but the sting and pinch of my own skin is what’s slowing me down.

I’ve used lots of products to avoid those moments over the years. Recently though I had the privilege to talk with Chandi Owen from one of the new skin care products on the block, Skin Strong. I have to admit that I was first intrigued by Skin Strong because of their affiliation with the Ironman brand. But after emailing with Chandi I was even more interested to try the product. She seemed so nice. And excited about the product herself. There’s a reason for that:

Triathlon and multisport is a family passion for Chandi, her husband John, and their 5 children, all of whom are triathletes. Chandi and her husband created these products with the help of some doctors who are also passionate about the sport.  When someone who is crazy about the sport creates a product there’s a good chance it will be awesome.

Skin Strong offered me the opportunity to try out their full line of products. I jumped at the chance, as my training volume was about to hit a major upswing and I’d need all of the help I could get staying comfortable.


The first of their products I tried was SLATHER. It’s a chamois cream designed to serve a barrier between your most sensitive skin (ahem) and that torturous bike saddle. I’ve used it now for rides of 55+ miles in a variety of weather conditions. It works as advertised: no chaffing or hot spots. I always enjoy that extra “cooling” feeling from the tea tree oil as well.

About Slather:

Unbeatable protection against chafing and hot spots,  yet, gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. Contains Tea Tree Oil.

Subtle cooling formula – Fresh signature scent

Just a few great uses for SLATHER:

  • Long lasting chamois cream

  • Prevent blisters on feet

  • Soothe tired skin after a hard work out

  • Can even be used for chafed skin that developed after you forgot to SLATHER first!

I’ve also used Skin Strongs SLIK product. This product is created to give protection just about anywhere on the body. For runners and triathletes that means, the armpits, the pointy things on your chest (ahem ahem), and thighs. Triathletes will also find SLIK useful for avoiding blisters on their feet and for preventing wetsuit burns around the neck and arms pits. I’ve used SLIK a  number of times now and it works great. The best part about SLIK is it’s easy to apply pump bottle.


About SLIK:

Friction and chafing protection in a convenient spray formula.

  • Non-greasy and non-staining
  •  Fresh signature scent.

Just a few great uses for SLIK:

  • Prevent runners rub on thighs and under arms

  • Prevent chafing under heart rate monitors, under sports bras, and clothing seams

  • For use under wetsuits for chafing prevention and quick removal

I’ve also had a few chances to try out the Slik DUST. This a powder that can put inside of your shoes to prevent blisters and hot spots from moisture build up. It also makes your shoes smell nice. That’s a good thing once the weather gets hot and sockless running becomes the norm. Another great product.


About DUST:

SLIK DUST prevents hot spots and blisters. This Teflon based powder provides long lasting protection in a convenient bottle. The anti-fungal ingredients, Tea Tree Oil and Tolnaftate, will keep your feet strong and healthy (and no more smelly shoes!)

Features / Benefits

  • Reduces friction, blisters and hot spots.

  • Moisture wicking

  • Non-staining and non-greasy

  • Spray on feet for quick transitions in short distance triathlons

All three of those products are awesome for keeping me comfortable on training days and more importantly on the race course.

More important than those products though, are Skin Strong‘s Sun Protection products. There are many reasons I love triathlon, but perhaps the biggest reason is it gives me reason to be outdoors with the sun on my skin. Protecting myself against skin cancer is a real concern on days when I spend hours in the sun though. Skin Strong offers a full line of “sun equipment” as well. See them HERE.

I’m a big fan not only Skin Strong’s products, but also of their company. They are a small group. A family, who created products that are easier to use and more enjoyable for people who love the sports they love. To top it off: they are cheaper than their competitors. 

I’ll proudly support them this season by using their products and sharing the love.

For more on Skin Strong visit their website HERE.

I love you,

– Daddy