Rites of Passage: Rev3 Blog


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

Rev3 ran my second installment on their Rev Blog yesterday. It’s called “Rites of Passage”. When I wrote it I was really thinking about your papaw and about being your dad. In hindsight I realize it’s about those things, but also about so much more.

Here is is:


The path I’m on right now (triathlons, climbing mountains on a bicycle, running long distances, etc.,) all started when I began to wonder what my kids would think of me when they’re grown. I wondered if they will think I was brave. I wish I were sure of it, but the truth is I’m still walking that path every day, looking for opportunities to live a life outside of the safety of our softened and convenient culture. (continue reading on Rev3’s website HERE)


I love you,

– Daddy