Seek and you will find


Dear Izzy, Max, and Kate,

We wandered through unfamiliar streets.

Bordered by thick green, heat waves, and banana trees.

All of it felt like it might close in on us at once.

I felt lost as the sun began to set.

The water behind the trees reflecting in unknown pastels

the color of orange and lime sherbet.

I didn’t have a name for it.

The color or the emotion.

Tommy’s old powder blue VW Thing made a racket as it wound through the streets

no windows or doors, the rattle of hot steel floor boards against our flip flops

overpowered by the Bob Marley cassette that I suspected

never left the player.

Just when I was sure we were lost,

There it was

No Name Pub

Hidden away from the crowds

on No Name Key

“You found it” read the sign.

And I knew I had.

I think this is how I spend a lot of my days, lost and found.

Searching, lingering in the beauty of the journey, but lost…

only to find that I am never lost at all.

Most of my fondest memories are like that.

This one is from the year 2000. An adventure to No Name Key from Big Pine Key

with Mommy and our Charleston friend Tommy. It came to mind

as I considered the future, wondering where each road leads, feeling overwhelmed

by the colors and the trees and heat around me. Learning to linger a bit longer in the beauty of it

while I can.

“seek and you will find” – Matt 7:7*

I love you,

–  Daddy

ps. yes, I see the irony in using a story about looking for a bar in the Florida Keys to describe a verse from the Bible. So what.

TRAINING: (easing back into training after a long break)


Tues: Swam 1100 / Ran 30 minutes